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Current digital trends in the music biz may be everything from the way in which we record the track to the media which we put the tune on to and even the way that we push the music. Due to the digital age we are living in multi media is now the standard. The trend is to DIY versus finding a label to scoop you up as in the times of past. On account of this digital technology available to the patron, everybody has the tools in reach to record and produce their own album the way in which they imagined it from the beginning. No longer have you got to hang around for some fancy studio to permit you in the front door. Once you've recorded your cd baby from your living space couch all while drinking a case of Mountain Dew it's now appropriate to promote this thing all by yourself. After the site is built go and get some fans thru Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace. Follow this up by submitting your mp3s to all of these podcast stations that are proud to receive your indie music. After you've done all this use that digital telephone of yours to stay connected with your fans thru programs. Once you have your loyal following jazzed up about that new release of yours, start booking your own tour with that strong small PC in your hand. Point the locations to your digital website and digital press kit online and try and save a cent by enlightening them to leap on the newest digital trends in the music biz. That was so yesterday with regard to an 8x10 glossy and a demo CD. Post all this on YouTube and tell your story about how you made it famous with all of the cool media outlets available to the indie artist nowadays. Here is to a new matrix for the independent musician. I'm anticipating seeing a live stream of your next performance thru my iPhone.

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